Safety Advisor

Bob Wartinger is an expert on powerboat safety. He travels around the country and the globe, speaking on driver performance, official effectiveness, and the application of emerging technology. He also performs individual consultations on driver coaching, team coaching, and boat and equipment inspection.

Workshop topics include…

  • Five Things a Race Boat Driver Must Pay Attention to for Optimum Performance
  • The Psychology of Racing Accidents
  • Optimizing Officials Performance
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies for Officials
  • Secrets of Boat Set Up
  • High Performance Driving
  • Personal Racing Equipment Choices
  • Rehabilitation Techniques
  • High Performance Motor Sport Safety Philosophy and Practice

Bob is also able to provide expert witness data and testimony for litigation cases.

Bob’s book’s on powerboat safety, “A Driver’s Guide to Safe Boat Racing”, are a valuable resource and can be purchased from Amazon. The original “A Driver’s Guide to Safe Boat Racing” has been translated from English into six languages to date. The follow on book, “A Drivers Guide to Boat Racing Safety, 2.0”, is available from Amazon, and has been translated from English into one language to date.