Past Engagements

Past Engagements

Bob’s speaking engagements and education course delivery have spanned a multitude of topics and included national and international venues. He has spoken and taught on the subjects of Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Resolution, How Adaptive Skills learned in the Family Apply to Business, Mergers: Survive and Thrive, The Language of Teams, The Secrets-Teaming for Success, The Engineer as Entrepreneur, Mentoring, Diagnosing the Potential Success of a Project(before you begin), Management Tools You Can Trust, Leadership: The Visionary vs. Management Tightrope, among others.

Bob developed and taught introductory courses in Ayurvedic Medicine from 1992, through 2001.  The courses are titled,  “Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine”, and have been taught to the general public along with medical health care practitioners. Primary  teaching locations have been the  Pacific Northwest, East Coast and hospitals in the Midwest.


His first book, “A Drivers Guide to Boat Racing Safety”, (2008) has been translated into Italian, German, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, and Chinese. Other language versions are following.

His book, “Upside Down, Navigating a Personal Mortgage Crisis”, Second Edition, was released in May, 2010. The book provides insight for those who are “upside down” with a mortgage and are weighing the options.

"Safe Champions - A Drivers Guide to Safe Boat Racing 2.0" was published in 2011.