How can I hire you?

I can be contacted at bob@bobwartinger.com , or the business phone at 206-242-4686. I would enjoy discussing your ideas and needs.

What are you working on now?

At the moment, I’m working on topics related to emotional logic, which is how we make the decisions we make, in order to help those in leadership positions increase their percentage of correct decisions. The focus of this is primarily the business setting; however, since we are all leaders in other parts of our lives in addition to work and business, there are important implications and applications in those areas also.

I’m also working on projects that will enable us to better predict and understand the physiological loads imposed on the drivers of racing boats so that the driver environment can be improved.

It seems that my time is divided into two main areas, speaking and preparing to speak. The speaking portion includes facilitation and training for groups and individuals in both the business and competitive racing worlds. The preparation consists of the research and development of the content, including interviewing, video work, and writing.

And, there are always books to be written.

Tell me about your books.

“I’m presently working on two book projects that are in various stages of completion.  The working titles for these are Tools of the Trade and Life Lessons from Racing.”

I am really enjoying writing Tools of the Trade because I’m describing the ideas, concepts, and models that I used during my executive career in business. These ideas and ways of looking at things have helped me and countless others in the business world and now I’m gathering them together in a series.

Life Lessons from Racing is deeply personal. I reflect on life, death, competition, team work, winning, losing, and a host of other topics. I believe that during our lives we have the opportunity to learn about these subjects from whatever venues and experiences we have. One of my venues that encompasses a large range of human experience is boat racing.

How do you find a way to integrate the seemingly diverse worlds of business, human behavior, racing, and holistic health?

At first glance, it would seem that some of the subjects and organizations that I work with are as different as oil and water. The common interesting thread for me, however, is the human behavior that is existent in all of these areas. I’m interested in the question “Why do we do what we do as human beings?” and this interest spans and connects all of the areas where I have background and expertise.

What do you consider your most important racing accomplishment or record?

The next one.

I’ll expand a bit. Whether it is business development or racing or, you fill in the blank, the next goal is important. Choose wisely.

Why do you put the effort into helping to improve the business environment, employee satisfaction, and leadership skills?

I believe that a major part of our waking hours on this planet spent in some kind of work environment or work mindset. I also believe that the experience can be improved, and in some cases vastly improved, for those participating in it.

I have been a part of, led, and seen organizations where the individuals are, at a minimum, feeling satisfaction with what they do, and many cases, significantly enjoying what they do. I know that it is possible.

I gain personal satisfaction from helping organizations reduce the strain, pain, stress, and worry that is inherent in many organizations today. I think that there is at least 5% and as much as 20% discretionary effort to be tapped in underperforming organizations. Discretionary effort is the additional effort expended by an individual’s choice to do just a bit more than their normal, average, day-to-day performance. For example, it might be making a couple more phone calls in the day, answering a few more e-mails, etc. In other words, the individual chooses to perform at a higher level. The value to the bottom line is tremendous when there is more of the “discretionary effort” of an individual expended  accomplishing  work tasks.

Why do you put the effort into helping  improve  boat racing safety?

It is a way to make a contribution to a sport that I have grown up with and enjoy to this day.

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