“Just a note to thank you for your generosity in spending time with us - and your spot-on insights.  They provide a helpful catalyst for us to look at where we are organizationally.”
Scott Parris,
Northwest Brain/Mind Initiative

“…..I’m back  and periodically see a number of folks from our PW organization.  It’s interesting how we all fondly reflect on our adventures in your organization.  This wouldn’t happened if it wasn’t for your leadership and encouragement!”,

John Schultz
Boeing Broadband SatCom Network

“……your inputs are always precious for our sport…..”

Ing. Gianfranco Venturelli
General Manager
Victory Team

“…….  I watched via live feed and thought the speakers did a terrific job on the presented topics. I believe we'll be able to apply, in some manner, many of the things discussed to our program.

Thanks again!

Tom Bergman
Hot Shot Hydro's