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Safety Projects

The ULHRA has continuously supported initiatives and projects to improve safety, instead of taking their prior safety improvements for granted. Three of their current projects are particularly notable at this time. These are: an improved head restraint to support the drivers head (especially useful in the corners), a program to measure the loads incurred by a driver as the boat hurtles across the water, and a materials testing capability aimed at determining the strength of the composite layups that are part of the boat’s structure.

The ULHRA’s continued attention to education, technology, and enforcement will continue to pay dividends for fans by providing the excellent racing experience they come to see.

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Following the rules

ULHRA maintains a set of referees and inspectors that form a team that is able to consistently enforce the driving, motor technical, and safety rules throughout the season. It has been shown that the consistent enforcement of these rules enables exciting, close, side-by-side, racing. The racing game is ever-changing as teams work to improve their performance and excel.

In the next post we will focus on the ULHRA safety projects

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