Speaker on Leadership

Effective communication and inspiring leadership are crucial for the success of any venture.  But while the essential components for success may stay the same, the detailed needs of an organization are always different.  Since 1993, Bob has been delivering seminars and performing one on one coaching with business owners, executives, managers,  employees, and individuals across a broad range of occupations and vocations, addressing their specific needs though corporate executive experience and a master’s degree in behavioral science.


Bob offers workshops and seminars for corporate learning events, retreats, and training opportunities.  These events can be tailored to fit audiences ranging in size from large groups to a handful of individuals.  Popular topics include:

  • Exploring “Adaptive” Skills in the Work Place.
  • Conflict Resolution Styles and Appropriate Use
  • Improved Communication Skills for Adults
  • Our Reality-What Goes into Creating It
  • Marketing to the Subconscious Codes Imprinted in the Brain
  • Secrets – The Language of Teams
  • Teaming for Success
  • How to Determine the Odds of the Success of a Project (before it starts)
  • The Key Ingredients in Successful Hiring and Retention
  • Secrets of Efficient Survey Techniques-Turning Data Into Action
  • Ways to Improve Your Leadership Capabilities
  • You Are An Executive – Six Things You Absolutely Have to Pay Attention To
  • An Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Ayurvedic Traditions for Higher Levels of Wellness
  • Tools of the Trade – Five Easy to Use “Rule of Thumb” Models to Make Managing Easier

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