About Bob Wartinger

As a trusted advisor to leaders, Bob develops and delivers innovative leadership training for corporate leaders in the US and internationally. He is passionate about better corporate performance by better leadership. He believes that everyone can benefit from a little bit of fine tuning every so often. His consulting company, Creative Fine Tuning, advises business executives one on one, trains and mentors first time managers and strategizes with start-up founders and not for profit leaders.

Bob had a distinguished career at The Boeing Co. As an executive, he was responsible for the program management of complex aerospace technology programs and the incubation of high-tech business start-ups.

Bob has written numerous articles, three books to date ( A Driver’s Guide to Boat Racing Safety, 2008, now in seven languages, Upside Down-Navigating a Personal Mortgage Crisis, 2010, and Safe Champions, 2011), currently working on the next book, From the Cockpit to the Boardroom; Tools of the Trade. He speaks nationally and internationally on topics related to management development, complementary medicine, safety and behavioral science. His courses in these subjects have been utilized at the university level, in the corporate environment, and as continuing education courses for doctors and nurses. He has been interviewed by the BBC, Discovery Channel, CNN, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, NBC affiliates, NY Times, Aviation Week and a number of other periodicals.

Bob’s sports career continues in the world of power boat racing. His racing career, to date, has included 3 World Championships, 24 national Championships, and the establishment of 139 National and World Speed Records including the current Outboard World Speed Record at 284 km/hr.

Bob graduated with a Masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics (M.S. A.A.) from the University of Washington. Graduated in 1994 from Bastyr University with a Masters in Applied Behavioral Science (M.A. A.B.S.)
More about Bob Wartinger

Bob Wartinger spent his youthful passion building and racing model airplanes, starting when he was seven years old. Then, one fateful high school day, a friend showed him plans taken from Popular Science for an eight-foot-long hydroplane. It looked remarkably similar in construction to his model airplanes, so Bob went for it,moving his dad’s car out of the garage and building his first boat entirely by hand. With an old outboard motor as his racing partner, Bob entered the Sammamish Slough race. He only went a quarter mile before the engine quit, but Bob didn’t. Boat racing would become a life-long hobby and passion for Bob; he loved the speed, the opportunity to constantly improve, and the challenge of overcoming technical problems.

Not surprisingly, Bob went into engineering. After earning his Masters degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the University of Washington, Bob went to work for Boeing where he directed aerospace technology programs with budgets as large as $750 million. In 1998 he became the director of Advanced Information Systems, in a division of Boeing which fosters the development of high-tech business start-ups. Then in 2006, Bob founded Creative Fine Tuning, which provides leadership consulting and business development coaching.

Along the way, Bob developed an interest in psychology and behavioral science. He was a natural confidant and encourager, and learning how people and groups functioned was a natural extension of his curiosity in life and a logical tool for helping him create excellent organizations. Bob received his Masters degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr University in 1994. His knowledge in this subject has proved invaluable in his business building and leadership consulting.

Today Bob continues to be involved in both the business and racing worlds. He travels around the world giving seminars on both racing safety and business strategy, as well as sharing his interest and expertise in holistic health.

Champion Racer

From the time he was 15, Bob Wartinger has been building and racing powerboats.

Bob has won 24 US National Championships, and 3 World Championships in 2004, 2005, and 2006. He set 139 national and international speed records in the last 50 years, an average of over two a year, and currently holds the outboard speed record of 284 km/hr (176.5 mph).

Competition racing is enjoyable, but what draws Bob to break records is the technical challenge involved. He enjoys working on and driving his own boats as well as driving those of others.

His exciting stories along with life lessons learned are being described in a book scheduled for release in 2022.

Safety Advisor

Bob Wartinger is an expert on powerboat safety. He travels around the country and the globe, speaking on driver performance, official effectiveness, and the application of emerging technology. He also performs individual consultations on driver coaching, team coaching, and boat and equipment inspection.

Workshop topics include…

  • Five Things a Race Boat Driver Must Pay Attention to for Optimum Performance
  • The Psychology of Racing Accidents
  • Optimizing Officials Performance
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies for Officials
  • Secrets of Boat Set Up
  • High Performance Driving
  • Personal Racing Equipment Choices
  • Rehabilitation Techniques
  • High Performance Motor Sport Safety Philosophy and Practice

Bob is also able to provide expert witness data and testimony for litigation cases.

Bob’s book’s on powerboat safety, “A Driver’s Guide to Safe Boat Racing”, are a valuable resource and can be purchased from Amazon. The original “A Driver’s Guide to Safe Boat Racing” has been translated from English into six languages to date. The follow on book, “A Drivers Guide to Boat Racing Safety, 2.0”, is available from Amazon, and has been translated from English into one language to date.